Cost for Custom Whole Beef

Our price is $4.50 per lb. (hanging weight). Bluebonnet Meat Company in Trenton Texas charges 90 cents per lb. processing on the hanging weight (vacuum-packaged) plus a fixed charge of $37.50/half or $75.00/whole beef.  An extra $0.35/lb. for vacuum-packaging ground beef is charged, or it will be sleeve packaged.

Example of cost for a Custom Whole Beef
540 lbs. (hanging weight) X ($4.50 + $0.90) + $75.00 = $2991.00. (vacuum packaging of ground beef is an added fee of 0.35/lb.), or it will be sleeve packaged.


Deposits required:  $600.00 for Whole Beef.          

Take-Home Packaged weight is approx. 2/3 of hanging weight, depending on your beef cuts, how much ground beef, etc.  

Hanging weights vary due to age and size of the animal. 

    Some optional Processing Fees at Bluebonnet Meat C0.

   $6 per Round for Tenderizing (Tenderized Round Steaks, etc.)

   $0.35 for vacuum packaging of Ground Beef

   $5 per Day for Aging Time Beyond 7 Days   

Custom Whole Beef, 100% Grassfed Texas Red Angus Beef

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