Sold out, Available Sep. 2021

$200.00 Deposit / 1/2 Beef Bundle

$7.90 / lb.

This item is $7.90/LB, the estimated final price is between $1303.50 and $1461.50 and the estimated final weight is between 

165 and 185 lbs. Final price determined by final weight. Once item(s) is weighed, seller will charge you final price less deposit when you pick-up your beef here at the Ranch. You will receive a receipt for the final charge.


Because of weight variances we may need to substitute one cut for another. Call several months in advance to secure an order. 

Includes: Tenderloin Filet's, Strip Steaks, Ribeye Steaks, Tenderized Round Steaks/Cutlets, Roasts (Chuck and Rump), Stew Meat, 

Ground Beef and crosscut Beef Shanks and or Short Ribs

1/2 Beef Bundle, 100% Grassfed Texas Red Angus Beef

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