Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How much freezer space is needed?

Approximately every 25 lbs. of meat will require 1 cubic ft. of freezer space

Q. Is the beef dry aged?

Yes, it's dry aged for at least 14 days to enhance flavor and tenderness

Q. Where do you have the meat processed

Bluebonnet Meat Company in Trenton, Texas. (A State inspected Facility)

Q. Is vacuum packaging available?

Yes, it is standard packaging except for Ground Beef, which is standard sleeve packaged. Vacuum packaging

is an extra $0.35/ lb. just for the ground beef of custom whole or halves. we feel it is worth the upgrade and

the Ground Beef we sell here at the Ranch is vacuum package.

Q. Am I able to still get  a custom cut Whole or half beef?

Yes, but only whole and halves are available for custom cut. Best to reserve several months in advance to 

secure a spot as processing can be seasonal.  Custom orders will be based on hanging weight. You will be 

buying a live Red Angus or a half share in one that is raised right here at the Ranch by us for you. We will

contact you a few days before we take your animal to be processed and again after delivery with the final

price due less deposit. At this time you will need to contact the processor and let them know your preferred 

cut. You will pay us $4.50 per lb. hanging weight less deposit. You will  pay the processor $0.90 per lb.

hanging weight for processing +  a kill and disposal fee of $37.50 per half beef and all other processing

fees. You will pick up your beef direct from Bluebonnet Meat Co. in Trenton or arrange for a pick-up here

at the Ranch. We are not responsible for price increases by the processors. Call fo more information.

(no out of state sales)

Q. What is live, hanging and take-home weight

Live weight:   This is the weight of the animal while alive  (on the hoof)

Hanging weight:  Weight of animal as it hangs on the rail at processors. head, hide, organs, etc. removed. 

Hanging weight is about 50-55% of live weight.

Take-home weight:  Weight of the actual meat you will receive, approximately 2/3 of hanging weight.

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