Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How much freezer space is needed?

Approximately every 25 lbs. of meat will require 1 cubic ft. of freezer space

Q. Is the beef dry aged?

Yes, it's dry aged for at least 14 days to enhance flavor and tenderness

Q. Where do you have the meat processed

Bluebonnet Meat Company in Trenton, Texas. (A State inspected Facility)

Q. Is vacuum packaging available?

Yes, it is standard packaging except for Ground Beef, which is standard sleeve packaged. Vacuum packaging

is an extra $0.35/ lb. just for the ground beef of custom whole or halves. we feel it is worth the upgrade and

the Ground Beef we sell here at the Ranch is vacuum package.

Q. What is live, hanging and take-home weight

Live weight:   This is the weight of the animal while alive  (on the hoof)

Hanging weight:  Weight of animal as it hangs on the rail at processors. head, hide, organs, etc. removed. 

Hanging weight is about 50-55% of live weight.

Take-home weight:  Weight of the actual meat you will receive, approximately 2/3 of hanging weight.