Whole, Halves & Quarters Sold Out.


2021 pricing (No Out of State Sales) 

100% Grassfed Texas Red Angus Beef

Raised without Antibiotics or added Growth Hormones

Grassfed Beef from our Red Angus

Our Price is $4.50/lb. hanging weight and Bluebonnet charges $0.90/lb. hanging weight

for standard processing and packaging + a $18.75/Quarter fixed fee. (Vacuum packaging

is standard except for Ground Beef) there is an extra charge of $0.35/lb. for vacuum

packaging Ground Beef or it will be sleeve packaged. There is an extra $10.00 charge for

sorting and boxing of ¼ Beef orders. 


Hanging weight: Weight of animal on the rail at the locker, Approx. 50-55% of live weight.

(Below Examples are approximates only, weights & cost vary due to age, bone size, etc.)

Our animals for processing may reach 30 months of age, you won’t get a T-bone steak

or a Porterhouse steak, but you get all the meat from them, just no bone: a Tenderloin

steak and a Strip steak. That is the cuts on each side of the bone.


Deposits: $400 for a whole      $200 for a half      $100 for a quarter 


Example: Whole beef

(540 lbs. hanging weight x ($4.50 + 0.90)) + $37.50 = $2991.00

Take-home weight = approx. 360 lbs.      

Pay us ($4.50 x 540) = $2430.00 less $200 deposit)  

Pay Bluebonnet (0.90 x 540) + $75.00 = $561.00)


Example: 1/2 beef

(270 lbs. hanging weight x ($4.50 + 0.90)) + $37.50 = $1495.50

Take-home weight = approx. 180 lbs.      

Pay us ($4.50 x 270) = $1215.00 less $200 deposit)  

Pay Bluebonnet (0.90 x 270) + $37.50 = $280.50)

Example: 1/4 beef

(135 lbs. hanging weight x ($4.50 + 0.90)) + $18.75 + $10.00 = $757.75

Take-home weight = approx. 90 lbs.        

(Pay us $4.50 x 135 = $607.50 less $100 deposit) 

(Pay Bluebonnet (0.90 x 135) +$18.75 +$10.00 = $150.25)



                                             HOW IT WORKS

You are buying a Red Angus or a share in one that is AGA Certified Grassfed and 

raised here at the Ranch by us, without Antibiotics or added Growth Hormones. Your 

Red Angus will be delivered to the processor by us for you. We use Bluebonnet Meat 

Company in Trenton, Texas, a state inspected facility. We will contact you a few days

before we take your Red Angus to be processed and again after delivery with the final

price due us less deposit. You will then need to contact Bluebonnet Meat Co. and let

them know your preferred Cut. Your beef will be dry aged 14 days to enhance flavor

and tenderness. You will then pick-up your beef direct from Bluebonnet Meat Co. &

pay your processing fees to them. You can also arrange for a coordinated pick-up

here at the Ranch if preferred. (no out of state sales


                                              HAMBURGER ONLY                                                                                          

At times we process a market animal for Ground Beef only, most steak and better cuts

Are used to make this great Ground Beef, it is priced at $ 7.35/lb. (vacuum packaged) 

and sold in Bulk Boxes of 25/ 1/lb. vacuum packages, 1 box = $183.75. Contact us to

reserve 1 or more 25/lb. boxes. (Pick-up here at the Ranch)


                  Contact us , Tell us what you want 

        and we will send you an Order Form

Take-Home Packaged weight is approx. 2/3 of hanging weight, depending on your beef cuts, how much ground beef, etc.

Hanging weights and costs vary due to age, bone size, etc. of the animal.

  Some Optional Processing Fees at Bluebonnet Meat C0.

   $6 per Round for Tenderizing (Tenderized Round Steaks or Cubed Steaks)

  $0.35 for vacuum packaging of Ground Beef