The Austin Ranch is a small family run cow-calf operation that offers Texas born and raised Red Angus Cattle with quality genetic backgrounds.  We use low stress cattle handling methods including two stage or natural weaning that basically eliminates stress for the cow and calf at this pivotal time. Our cattle graze in wooded pastures and open meadows with their calves right alongside. We believe that quality genetics, low stress cattle handling and loving what we do play a major role in raising quality healthy cattle.  We sell Breeding stock, Cows, Heifers and Bulls, so give us a call we may have what you are looking for.


We are Stephen and Katherine Austin a third generation farming and Ranching family. The Austins immigrated to the United States from England in the 1800's and have been farming and raising cattle in Texas for over a century. We are Catholic, Pro-Life Patriotic Americans and thankful to God for the many blessings this lifestyle has offered. I am extremely grateful for my beloved Mother and Father who raised me in this hard working and rewarding environment. Many wonderful times and lifelong memories were made here at the Ranch and my wife and I are proud to carry on a family tradition of the Texas Ranching lifestyle.  


About Red Angus and why we raise them: Their red color is more heat tolerant than black and allows them to stay cooler in the summer months, and as stated in (The History of Red Angus) the bronze pigmentation gives great resistance to eye problems and sunburn. Red Angus Cattle are polled so there is never any distress from dehorning. They're a beautiful British breed of cattle, gentle, a pleasure to raise, and the cows make wonderful mothers. Red Angus sires are available from most all of the major AI companies and we have used some of the best sires available in our AI program, focusing on soundness of structure, docility and calving ease. The Red Angus breed is also highly recognized for its quality beef the world over. 

   We purchased semen from these Outstanding Red Angus Sires to use in our AI program

    Below them are written and paraphrased excerpts from ABS and Genex Sire catalogs and other written sources


Nexus has super phenotype, moderate birth weight, added growth and explosive red meat yield. Progeny show extra rib & dimension along with Tremendous Feet & a Fabulous Disposition. Nexus is a phenotypic powerhouse and he is the Sire of our herd bull MAX


Deep End ranks with the best in the breed for combining carcass weight, marbling & ribeye. Breeders will appreciate his substance of bone, depth of body & masculinity in a deep cherry red package


FUSION: Elite calving ease with strong growth, marbling and maternal traits. Outstanding Structural soundness, progeny are very thick made and deep bodied. Daughters display near perfect feet, beautiful udders and an awesome Disposition

MAXZEEN 112Y Dam of our herd bull MAX

Maxzeen 112 owned by Peacock Angus Ranch was the $14,000 high selling female in the SSS Red Angus first Cowgirl sale. Maxzeen 112 is the Dam of our herd bull Max, Nexus is the Sire.


Spartan is attractive, supper big bodied and really thick ended. You will appreciate his type and kind along with his great feet, structure and calving ease. (calving ease, type and cow power)